Month: August 2019

What to Wear During Your Kayak Adventure

Because you are reading this right now, you might be interested to know what clothes to wear on a kayak adventure with your family. It could also be that it is your first time doing an adventure with them wearing a custom printed t shirt.

Kayaking can get you wet, and it is also possible that you will do it during the summer season. Due to this, it is best to plan accordingly to avoid encountering any problems. In this article, we’ll discuss what you should and shouldn’t wear while kayaking to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Avoid Wearing Jeans and Cotton Shirt

You might be accustomed to wearing your favourite jeans on every trip with your family. After all, you consider them your lucky pair and would like to wear them as much as possible. However, you must consider the consequences of wearing your jeans on your kayak adventure, especially since you will be surrounded by water.

When wet, jeans can get very heavy, and chances are high that you will fall off your kayak, making it hard for you to swim. Aside from that, water can splatter on what you are wearing while paddling.

On the other hand, custom t-shirts or any shirt made of cotton is water-absorbent. As such, it won’t dry as fast as you can imagine. When this happens, you will have to tolerate being cold for a long time because it dries very slowly than other fabrics.

The Best Types of Clothing to Wear While Kayaking

The best clothing choices are breathable, can easily dry up, and has sun protection. You can consider wearing the same type of cloth used in making gym garments since they do not absorb sweat and water as much as the typical clothing we wear (e.g. cotton). You can choose to wear the following items during your trip:

  • Shoes exclusively used for water or any closed-toe and neoprene shoes prevent water from going in and ruining your footwear.
  • Sunglasses and hats are advised to wear, especially during the summertime.
  • Extra quick-drying clothes and a dry bag to put your clothes in after your kayak adventure.
  • Clothes that have Ultraviolet Protection as can save you money from buying excessive sunscreen lotion. You can also come across long-sleeves which are great to wear while kayaking.
  • Wearing a life jacket is optional for some, but it is necessary for this adventure. If you are with your kids, ensure they wear this to keep them safe. Even a swimmer can have some problems, especially when the water current is fast.
  • A microfiber towel absorbs water quickly, making it a great investment. It’s great to be used when swimming and kayaking.


Kayaking demands the right type of clothing to ensure your experience is as comfortable and safe as possible. Therefore, before you go on a kayaking adventure, observe the right dress code beforehand.