While we at Stanley Kayaking always encourage you to get in touch with us for any query you might have, here are a few of the common questions that our first-time travellers often ask.

Different treks consist of various surfaces which have to be traversed on. Depending on the escalation and the region you have to navigate, the fitness level required will also vary. Generally, we advise you to prepare yourself physically well before the trip.

Certain trails allow you to enjoy the marvels of nature at your own pace. However, a self-guided trip will only be possible for a limited number of ranges. It is not possible to navigate without an experienced guide accompanying you. We do take care of logistics, guide books, and maps on self-guided trails.

If our schedule is free and you have a reasonable number of qualified members for the trail, you can definitely enjoy the comfort of a private trip.

A guided trip will take care of the most basic amenities required on a trek. From accommodation to the basic meals, everything will be provided by our expert team. You should focus on finding the right kind of clothing and forming a small group of like-minded people you can bring on the trek along with you.

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