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Stanley Kayaking believe that an adventure is best enjoyed at one’s pace. You may want to bask in the serenity of the glorious valleys along your route or simply rush through a streaming flow of water to get that adrenaline pumping.

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Kayaking North America

Kayaking North America can be an awesome experience. We cover multiple destinations around the continent and talk about the best experiences on offer.

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While we provide assistance at every step of your travel journey. We love Kayaking just as much as you do. Therefore follow us on the journey down the river.

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About Us

Stanley Kayaking lets you read about experiences of this beautiful country in a unique and exciting way like no other. For those seeking adventurous ways to roam in a distant land, we provide you with the opportunity to learn more about hiking and kayaking your way across the country while your next accommodation waits for your arrival.

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Your Essential Guide to Preparing Your Vaping Kit for a Kayaking Adventure

Kayaking is an exhilarating activity that combines adventure with the soothing tranquility of water. Whether you’re paddling through rapids or calmly navigating a serene lake, the experience is uniquely rewarding.
If you’re a vaper, having your trusty vaping kit on hand can enhance the enjoyment of your expedition. However, preparing your vaping kit for a kayaking trip requires careful consideration and planning.
Luckily, we got you covered! Here’s a straightforward guide that will help you get your vaping gear ready for the challenges of a kayaking adventure.
Waterproof Everything…

Why Are Hikers Considering CBD Oil?

Hiking is among the most liberating and fulfilling activities in life, according to almost all hikers. After all, it helps you let go of all your problems and reconnect with nature. Longer hikes, on the other hand, are challenging.
In this case, while CBD will not help you manage your hike, it can be a valuable addition to your backpack, especially in emergencies.
With that said, continue reading if you want to learn more about how CBD oil in Canada can make your hikes more exciting and why so many hikers have started using it.
Advantages of CBD Oil for Hikers
Pain Reduction
When you …

Tips for Vaping at the Beach

Summer is here! The sight of the grandeur of the ocean is enough to take your mind off your problems. It’s also a wonderful time for vaping as you take an afternoon stroll with a loved one, unwind in your hammock, or drink with your friends.
While summer is a time for having fun, it’s important to keep a few things in mind when blowing and inhaling exotic snacks for safety and the greatest vaping experience. That is why, in today’s post, we will share our top tips for vaping at the beach.
Keep Your Devices Out of …

Can CBD Help You Hike Better?

Hiking is a good exercise that can be done once in a while. However, it might demand more from you physically and mentally, depending on the location and duration of the hike. Nowadays, the usage of hemp Delta 9 gummies is getting accepted more in society. Because of that, it can be considered a boost to make your hiking better. Let us look deeper into that.
To evaluate if CBD can make your hiking better, let’s understand first its nature. CBD is a short term for “cannabidiol”. It is one of the two major compounds found in cannabis products such as marijuana and hemp. The other major compound …

The Benefits of Using CBD for Post-Hike Recovery

Hiking is an undoubtedly stimulating and life-changing experience. However, it can also be excruciatingly painful afterward. If you are new to this outdoor activity, expect a few joint and muscle soreness the morning after. Even physically fit enthusiasts and professionals already used to tough, multi-day sessions can still wake up with swollen muscles.
Thankfully, hikers can now accelerate their post-activity recovery with the help of CBD in delta-8 thc carts. Despite the already considerable number of health-related advantages it offers, others still wonder: “How specifically does …

Vikings Whales and Icebergs

The adventure trail has been reserved just to explore the two most profound things in the region: Icebergs and Viking Whales. Open for people of all age group, this trail allows you to explore the small island of Quirpon which is located on the shores of Iceland alley.
Spend a day in a 1922 lighthouse which has been fully operational since the many years of its service. Whales are the most common companions to the majestic icebergs which float along the shores of Newfoundland. In addition to Viking whales, you may also spot seals, otters, dolphins, humpbacks, minkes, and orcas trotting around the shores.
After exploring the wonders of the ocean …

East Coast Trail Day Hike

For those who want to spend their time solemnly on the east coast while exploring the marvels of nature at their own pace, this one-day East Coast Trail package allows you to explore the edge of North America at your own pace with minimal supervision.
This self-guided journey will allow you to walk on the Cape Spear Path and experience some of the majestic coastline attractions of the easternmost part of North America. Providing expansive views all the way to the coastline of the Pretty Harbour village, this place will make you fall in love with the never-ending coastal views.
Make sure to visit the Cribbies, one of the most popular photogenic …

Long Range Traverse

One of our most difficult routes, the Long Range Traverse trail starts from the Gros Morne National Park and involves crossing several river beds, navigating through unmarked route, and a steep climb to the top of Westernbrook Gorge to enjoy a sunset like no other.
Known for its unpredictable weather and majestic views of 1,000-foot granite cliffs alongside the coastal region, this trek is only for the strong of the heart. One has to carry a minimum of 30lbs back weight even with a professional guide accompanying you throughout the trek.
For those who love the vast and open sea, a boat ride in Western Brook Pond will surely make you feel like a …

Gros Morne Adventure

The hike across Gros Morne National Park is one of our most exquisite trails which let you experience the adventure across land and water alike. Combined with experienced local guides and delicious local cuisine, the one-week experience across the Newfoundland and Labrador region is going to be an amazing one.
The trail includes some of the most rigorous treks along the rocky Tablelands region, through the lush green landscapes of the Green mountains, and to the final summit on top of Gros Morne Mountain.
Located deep in the heart of the trail, the Western Brook Pond Fjord will let you experience some of the dramatic waterfalls in the country …

North Coast Trail

The North Coast trail is one of the most beautiful coastal regions in the world. It was even featured as the number one coastal destination by the National Geographic in 2013.
A region filled with aquatic and terrestrial wonders at every corner, the trail covers more than 600 kilometres in a series of 21 natural routes that will show you the wild side of nature which you might have never experienced before.
For the wildlife lovers, this route features terrestrial animals such as the majestic wild moose, puffins, and the great bald eagle. If you are lucky, you might just get to see an iceberg or a whale.
The trail package includes the cost…