Can CBD Help You Hike Better?

Oct 29, 2022 Trails

Can CBD Help You Hike Better?

Hiking is a good exercise that can be done once in a while. However, it might demand more from you physically and mentally, depending on the location and duration of the hike. Nowadays, the usage of hemp Delta 9 gummies is getting accepted more in society. Because of that, it can be considered a boost to make your hiking better. Let us look deeper into that.

To evaluate if CBD can make your hiking better, let’s understand first its nature. CBD is a short term for “cannabidiol”. It is one of the two major compounds found in cannabis products such as marijuana and hemp. The other major compound is the infamous THC, or “tetrahydrocannabinol”.

The difference between the two is that CBD provides positive effects, like medical benefits, while THC only gives negative ones such as producing psychoactive effects or the feeling of getting “high”. Because of the medical benefits that CBD can offer, many harvest CBD-rich cannabis sources like hemp, and develop them into edibles or topicals.

CBD aims to stimulate the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for a lot of good things inside the body. The system affects metabolism, regulating the minerals inside the body, and improves bodily functions such as recovery and relaxation. Most CBD products are generally classified into two: full-spectrum and isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD products contain mostly CBD and some minor chemical cannabis compounds that can be beneficial in some ways. Meanwhile, isolate CBD products purely contain the CBD substance.

How Can CBD Help Make Your Hiking Better?

After learning concisely about CBD, let’s answer the question: how can it make you hike better? There are three ways CBD products, whether full-spectrum or isolate, can make your hiking better. It can make you more motivated by reducing stress, help you endure by reducing pain, and increase mobility by reducing inflammation.

Reduction of anxiety and stress

Because of the relaxation effects of CBD products, you can hike better and enjoy the activity a lot more than you usually would have. Even while you are still preparing, consuming CBD products can improve your sleep and increase your calmness. If you are prone to anxiety attacks, a healthy dose of CBD products before the hike can reduce those episodes.

Reduction of pain

Who wouldn’t want to have better durability in hiking? The more you tolerate pain, the more you can endure the challenges. Fortunately, with CBD products, you can reduce pain, although indirectly. Although they are not analgesic, CBD products’ pain-relieving qualities are due to their capability in reducing inflammation.

Reduction of inflammation

As mentioned, CBD products can reduce inflammation. Whether it is due to a physical injury, a wound, or an infection, CBD topicals are proven to be good anti-inflammatory products. You can apply enough doses while your hike is still ongoing. Moreover, you can recover quickly after you have gained some rest.

In summary, CBD products can improve your hiking because they can boost your physical capabilities such as focus, pain toleration, and recovery. However, you must consume them with a mindset that they are only supplements and not substitute for a healthy diet and ample exercise.



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